Distribution Network Investment Optimization

Within the scope of the project, our “Distribution Network Investment Optimization” algorithms working integrated with DIgSILENT PowerFactory, which we have successfully developed as in the scope of the “Development of Metrics and Algorithms for the Optimization of HV Substation and MV Grid Investment Needs based on Capacity Increase” supported by EMRA of Türkiye, will be implemented to the GDZ Electricity Distribution Network.

These algorithms are;

  • DISCO / Province / District / HV Substation based econometric energy (MWh) and peak demand (MW) projection algorithms,
  • HV Substation based zonal s-curve demand (MW) projection algorithms,
  • Technical loss based optimum network investment algorithms,
  • Technical loss + SAIDI + SAIFI based optimal grid investment algorithms

Relevant Projects

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Decarbonization Pathway of Türkiye 2053
Full Feasibility Study for the High Voltage Interconnection between Türkiye and Northern Cyprus