Market & Network Simulation Tool

Market & Network Simulation Tool developed by EPRA provides;

Market Simulations
- Day ahead market simulations in PX and LMP markets
- Modelling of spinning reserve constraints
- Modelling of power plant constraints
- Optimization of Unit Commitment & Generation Dispatch
- Calculation of Market Clearing Price (MCP)

Network Simulations
- Modelling of transmission constraints
- Redispatch optimization to relax network constraints
- Renewable generation curtailment optimization
- Security Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC)
- Calculation of Locational Market Clearing Prices (LMP)

Technical details are presented in our following paper:
*M. E. Cebeci, O. B. Tor, S. V. Oprea, A. Bara, “Consecutive market and network simulations to investigate investment and operational requirements for RES penetration scenarios,” IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, Vol. 10, No: 4, Oct. 2019.
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